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When God asks us to give its not to make him rich. this is principle was designed by God to enrich us instead. Giving opens doors to vast opportunities that normally wouldnt produce themselves. Remember Paul said he who gives sparingly will reap sparingly but he who sows gnerously will also reap generously he goes on to say giving should be from a willing heart and God loves a cherful giver

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Sowing is meant to give us a measure of control over our destinies. Sowing unlocks the earth’s capacity to sustain life itself. Likewise, sowing in the kingdom, allows God to entrust us with the secret of his glory.

Investment is risky, one can lose ones investment. The same limitation affects the earth. Droughts, disease outbreaks and other natural disasters also limit or even affect harvests. Only in the kingdom of God is a full harvest guaranteed. No disaster can stop the harvest power of God. In fact God promised to give back abundantly those who plant in his kingdom. (God does not lie Num 23vs19)

Giving to God:-
  • Is a bold statement of our faith in that we leave all in His hands to manage our wealth.
  • Allows Him to address other areas of our lives, i.e. spiritual, health etc. (Acts 10).
  • Assures us of good investments and the lord will provide security for our wealth. (Mal 3 vs 11). There is nothing that compares to planting in the kingdom of God.
  • Is a very powerful prayer which produces phenomenal results in our lives.

The good news bible “as long as the earth exists…its God ordained seasons will always be there. Another word for exists is “live”. Everything on earth is subject to Gods established seasons. Let us talk about the planting/sowing/seed and reaping/harvesting season. Let us call this the “Life season” WHY? Because if it is removed the earth will surely die.

This is the rainy season for your life, see rain causes fauna and flora to blossom, to multiply to reproduce after itself. rain activates the potential stored in your seed, when the first leaf burst out of a seed or a baby comes out from the womb its painful, same as seed time it’s not always easy. This is also the time when food stored for consumption is sacrificed and planted in the hope of future bumper harvests.

Planting is an act of faith. In business it is called investing. No investment - no profit. In services it is called payment. No payment-no services, no school fees - no education.

Only the very sick and the incapable are exempted from participating in the planting season. In church we also live the same seasons. People who understands the principle of seed and harvest time are naturally excited and expectant when sowing time comes. They always welcomes the word of God as rain with joy and hence, plant big expecting to reap bumper harvests. Anyone who detests the seed time will never reap I liken them to a corpse that has no future at all. Excusing oneself from sowing is tantamount to condemning oneself future to the devil.

I encourage you to invest in the imperishable kingdom of God. Take this moment, don’t lose it. The benefits are huge and are all yours.

Our banking details if you feel the need to sow in the kingdom of God are on the right.
May God richly bless you for your seed and pray that God multiplies your seed and makes sure that you harvest plenty.  

Pastor Mpita